Crisis Cafe is a locally operated non profit reaching out to those suffering in our community. Crisis knows no boundaries and will affect each of us in our lifetime. Whether crisis chooses to visit by way of natural disaster, sickness, death, incarceration, poverty, or addiction, it hits with no warning. The results of crisis are grief, uncertainty, loneliness, depression and sadness.

Welcome to Crisis Cafe….

Crisis Cafe engages first by serving those in crisis a meal, a meal that intends to bridge the gap and create a connection. A connection that will lead to a long term relationship. Part of the engaging process is Second, we refresh, by encouraging and providing prayer support to reduce feelings of loneliness and incite hope. Lastly, we strengthen, by continuing this relationship, providing further community connection, mentoring and spiritual guidance. Our ultimate goal is to reach those in crisis with the redemptive story of Jesus Christ.

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